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Vision and Mission
Diposting tanggal: 31 Mei 2010

Vision of BPJS Kesehatan : 


Later than January 1, 2019, the entire population of Indonesia has a national health insurance to obtain health care benefits and protection to meet the basic needs of health organized by Health BPJS reliable, superior and reliable..


Mission of BPJS Kesehatan : 

Build strategic partnerships with various institutions and to encourage public participation in the expansion of the membership of the National Health Insurance (JKN).

Running and establish health insurance system that is effective, efficient and quality to participants through a partnership with the optimal health facilities.

Optimizing the management of social security funds and funds programs Health BPJS effective, efficient, transparent and accountable to support the sustainability of the program.

Build an effective health BPJS based on the principles of good corporate governance and improve the competence of employees to achieve superior performance.

Implement and develop the system of planning and evaluation, assessment, quality management and risk management over the entire operation BPJS Health.

Develop and strengthen the information and communication technology to support the operation BPJS Health.