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Diposting tanggal: 16 Desember 2013

The Board of Directors of PT Askes (Persero) designated period 2013 through the Minister of State Owned Enterprises as the General Meeting of Shareholders of PT Askes (Persero) Number: SK-09/MBU/2013 concerning the appointment and dismissal of members of the board of directors liability company (Persero) PT Indonesian Health Insurance. The Board of Directors of PT Askes (Persero) as follows:

(Sequence from Left to Right)

dr. Taufik Hidayat, MM / Director of Human Resources

Born on August 24, 1965. Reaching Doctor degree at Brawijaya University Malang. Previously, he served as Head of Region I and IV, Chief of the Division of Health Care Assurance, Head of the Division of Health Promotion and Head of Education and Training Group.  

Purnawarman Basundoro, Ak. MBA / Director of Finance and Investment

Born in Solo, May 26, 1961. Graduate Diploma IV Administration of State High School in 1988, an MBA at the University of Newbruswick, Canada in 1992. Previously, he served as Head of Internal Audit PT Askes (Persero), and the Finance Director of PT Askes (Persero) Period 2008-2013. 

 dr. Tono Rustiano, MM / Director of Planning and Development

Born in Pandeglang, March 25, 1965. He holds a Doctor at Padjadjaran University in 1991. Previously he served as Chief of the Main Branch Office Bandung, Head of Regional Office IX, Head of Organization & Human Resources Division and Head of Research and Development Group PT Askes (Persero).

DR. dr. Fachmi Idris, Mkes / Director

Born in Palembang, February 1, 1968. He holds a doctor at the University of Sriwijaya, the best graduate of the Graduate Program, University of Indonesia, Master of Public Health Sciences and graduated cum laude with a degree best for his Doctorate of Public Health Sciences Graduate Program, University of Indonesia. Previously he served as Chairman of IDI period 2006-2009, Member of the National Social Security Council, and Independent Commissioner of PT Askes (Persero).

drg. Sri Endang Tidarwati, MM / Director of Membership and Inter-Institutional Relations

Born in Magelang, August 22, 1957. Reaching Doctor degree at the University of Gajah Mada. Previously, he served as Head of Regional IX, Head of Organization and Human Resources Division and the head of the Regional Division VI.

drg. Fajriadinur, MM Director of Services

Born in Pontianak June 10, 1964. He holds a Doctor at the University of Gajah Mada. Previously, he served as Corporate Secretary, Head of Regional Division I and IV, Head of Partnerships and Marketing Division, and Head of Group Controlling Partnership Benefits and PT Askes (Persero)